The NICI Indices are off to a great start, trouncing the broader markets and posting big gains in our model portfolios.

There’s a lot to keep track of with cannabis investing, and it’s hard to find tools that just let you know how the market as a whole is performing.

That’s why, at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we launched three indices to help give our members a general sense of how the biggest names in cannabis are performing. The three cannabis indices we have constructed are the NICI 50, the NICI US, and the NICI Wellness.

They provide a window into the booming field of cannabis and a front seat to an industry well on its way to creating $1 trillion in value.

All three are on a tear this year, trouncing the broader market as one obstacle after another is cleared away from the path to a thriving and open market for marijuana and CBD.

To find these indices on our site, all you have to do is look at the bottom of any page.

It will look like this:

When you click on them, you can see their performances over the last month, three months, or six months. You can also see how they have performed over the past year and all time.

And as you’re about to see from these returns, there’s never been a better time to be a cannabis investor…

Triple the Gains of the S&P

The best performer of the three is the NICI 50. This index was built to track the performance of the 50 largest global, publicly traded stocks. So long as the company earns 50%+ revenue from cannabis-related business or is redirecting a substantial portion of its strategy and capital to this sector, it’s a candidate for the index.

So far this year, the NICI 50 is up 39%, which triples the 12.7% return of the S&P 500 year-to-date.

Leading the pack are the vertically integrated retailers, which includes six of the stocks we’ve recommended to members of the Cannabis Investor’s Report and The Cannabis IPO Insider.

These companies own the cannabis cultivation, processing facilities, and retail storefronts, and they returned over 55% on average for the year. They stand to benefit the most from vertical integration in what is still, and will be for a while, a very fragmented market. And, based on how earnings season is unfolding, they are posting strong results.

Four other stocks in our subscriber portfolios outperformed this sector, however. One is a cultivator with one of the strongest reputations for producing high-end product. It’s returned 75% so far this year.

Take control of your investing goals with our one-of-a-kind stock screening tool. Just click here to get the full rundown of what this invaluable trading tool can do for you and to learn how you can add it to your investing toolkit.

The other is leading the way with retail and distribution in California. It’s up nearly 60% and can now boast of having a major foothold in Canada as well.

And our two health and wellness cornerstone picks are both up well over 50% as 2019 is indeed proving to be “The Year of CBD.” And as our Cannabis Investor’s Report members know well, no one can stop it.

And Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) is proving that stepping in where banks fear to tread (though not all) is good business. This cannabis REIT, which we recommended to readers months ago, is up over 118%, more than doubling in price since we first introduced it to members.

Big Gains for Industry Leaders

The other two indices, the NICI US and NICI Wellness, have also posted strong performance for the year and soundly outpaced the S&P 500 as well.

The NICI Wellness Index has returned nearly 31% so far this year. It tracks the performance of companies primarily focused on deriving pharmaceuticals or health related products from cannabis or designing products for the endocannabinoid system.

This index includes the leading CBD players in the world and our CBD picks have outperformed them all so far this year.

The NICI US is up just over 23%. This index includes the largest cannabis companies primarily focused on the U.S. cannabis market. Innovative Industrial was the highest performer of the index followed closely by two other Cannabis Investor’s Report picks.

Rounding out the remainder of the top five are Truelieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE: TRUL, OTC: TCNNF) and Green Thumb Industries (CSE: GTII, OTC: GTBIF), returning 53% and 68% respectively this year. Subscribers to our NICILytics database know these companies well. These rapidly growing multi-state operators have earned high NICI ratings and are among the handful of future outperformers that we are keeping a close eye on.

If you want to read more about companies like this or are driven to dig in and research any of the 150 names in our database for yourself, be sure to click here to find out how to access the most comprehensive investing tool in cannabis.

It’s full of hidden gems and up-and-comers, including ones that are simply too small to recommend to Cannabis Investor’s Report members. This includes companies like a small but well-run Canadian company that has quietly amassed a multifaceted portfolio of global subsidiaries on three continents.

It’s still under the radar, but as the global legalization wave surges forward, it won’t be for long.

The NICILytics database is the world’s most powerful cannabis investing tool. Get access now for the latest research on over 150 cannabis companies right at your fingertips.

Thanks for being an integral part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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21 responses to “Take a Look at These Stocks Driving the Cannabis Rally”

  1. Morning Greg how are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family. Greg you are absolutely right hands down the industry has out performed all the markets all year. It has been a very impressive start to the year. I truly appreciate you addressing the things that matter the most our portfolio!!!! I Hope you have a great day and much success to all of us in the future!!! Thanks for everything that you provide for us!!!!

  2. What about Village farms? Ive made 300 something % since Christmas. I always wondered why you dont talk about them even when they have outperformed, by far, anything in the index?

  3. Can you tell me what is going on with (ALEAF) and (EMMBF)? My broker just canceled out my (EMMBF) and now they say I owe them $37.00. I thought that (EMMBF) was going to be the name that they were going to operate under.

  4. Do you have any information on a Canadian company called SpeakEasy Cannabis Club located in British Columbia, Canada.

  5. Thanks for all the great information on all the cannabis companies! I would like to see some information on a few companies that are not in the database. ACG (Alliance Growers), CANA (Cannam Brands), FFT (Future Farm Technologies), HUGE (FSD Pharma). Thanks for any opinion, and any information you could give. (These are all companies I have shares in and are all down anywhere from 30% to 60%, I know how volatile this market is and have hung on to them thinking they will come back…) Thanks again,
    Jeff Farrington

  6. I have belonged to 2 other marijuana investment companies over the past couple of years. The first one sold us subscribers to another organization. The second was obviously more interested in the subscriber list than providing the information we paid for.
    I am so glad that I found you, I was drawn by one of your founding members, John Boehner, a man who I have great respect for. Because of him, I felt that I could trust the organization of which he is a part.
    I have become a life time member and am very happy with NICI . You provide the information I am looking for and keep me up to date on new information.
    Thank you, Joe Kazilionis

  7. Great companies guys!!! They are all bellcows and sure to create wealth. Average Joes like myself can sit back now and let these players make their moves with acquisitions and sign deals with CVS the largest drug store in America. I reiterate, average people will increase their bottom line daily but only if they own the very best companies and invest in a disciplined manner, being a buy and hold for the long haul kind of investor. I am an average joe nobody and am already winning like a wall street trader because I used NICILYTICS to pick the very best and invest in them buying alot of shares of each. There is no better feeling or sense of security than to be gaining financially on a daily basis. Please guys, invest in the right companies and then simply sit back, relax and watch your money grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Where do I find your complete database of Cannabis stocks and where do I find which companies make up the MICI 50, US Cannabis and NICI Wellness? I’m obviously missing something.

  9. Thanks to Greg I am up over 20% as an average in my NICI portfolio. It is a bit expensive because there so many parts to NICI and each has a fee BUT I realize how much time and effort Greg and his team put into this program as such a man like John Bohener would put his name behind them. I am looking forward to the next 9 months of this year. I feel very good about where I am now. By the way you really ought to look at a company that is low on the radar but I don’t think for long. That is Sproutly Cannabis Technologies, SRUTF, I have made a 60% return in one short week. In short they have discovered a method to take the best of CBD and THC from the Marijuana plant and turn it into a water soluble solution and control the time it takes to start working and when you come down from it. 10 min / 90 min. They have a pending patent. There is chatter about them all over the internet in all the major news outlets. Greg what is your take on them?

    • Very Interesting.. I will take a look at Sproutly Cannabis Technologies, SRUTF
      However, on the Nasdaq it is listed as “Sproutly Canada Inc” not as you stated above. They must have had a name change..

  10. What about Village Farms is a good question. I keep my stocks on my iPhone and every day the change is $0.00. Yet when I go to look it up it has grown very nicely. Why can I see + or – on my other stocks, but not here. What am I missing?

  11. This appears to be a comments-only area. Maybe questions are answered somewhere else? Where might that be?

  12. Village Farms has been decimated in the last week. Anyone know why? I cannot find any relevant news.

  13. I like ACB but do not see it on your perferred list. what do you see for ACB time wise should I continue to own/and buy it. Which companies appear to be take-over targets for beverage com. N.J. and N,Y. did not pass how much will that slow down the bottom line for Maj. companies time wise reports.

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