This REIT has had an outstanding performance since we first told you about it. As it nears the 100% gains mark, it’s time to start thinking about taking some profits…

On Friday, I shared details about an under-the-radar company that could be your next triple-digit winner.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I recommend checking out that report now. This company is the only publicly traded bank we have found with the boldness and foresight to take on cannabis customers.

I’ve been watching this play closely, and it looks like the company has finally overcome a number of challenges to become a fantastic opportunity.

Of course, I’m talking about the bank’s potential to become your next big winner. But if you’ve been following along since the American Cannabis Summit, you are already sitting on a winner right now.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) released its Q4 earnings report for 2018 last week, and there was nothing but good news.

Today, I want to go over Innovative Industrial’s excellent performance and its promising outlook.

I also want to explain what I think your next best steps are.

So let’s take a look at how Innovative Industrial has done for you and the next move to make…

The Kind of Numbers We Love to See

Just as Severn Bancorp Inc. (Nasdaq: SVBI) – the company I told you about on Friday – is the only publicly traded bank taking on cannabis clients, Innovative Industrial is the sole real estate company on the New York Stock Exchange with a focus on the regulated cannabis industry, and it’s the only pure-play cannabis investment out there that will pay you a dividend.

It doesn’t take a financial expert to know that being the only player in the game gives you a huge leg up.

And what a game it’s been so far for Innovative Industrial.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company generated $4.7 million in rental revenues – a whopping 111% increase from the previous quarter.

As Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) nears the 100% gains mark, savvy investors may want to consider taking some profits. And be sure to let us know how you plan to use your profits!

Innovative Industrial also paid its seventh consecutive quarterly dividend of 35 cents per share, up 40% from the same quarter the year previous. Even better, it announced that for the next dividend payment, due April 15, the amount will increase another 29% to 45 cents per share!

That’s a total increase of an astounding 200% since the company issued its first dividend payment in June of 2017.

And even more importantly for members of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is that – since we first shared this company with you on October 23 – the stock is up nearly 100%.

Sell or Hold? The Choice Is Yours

Where you want to go from here is up to you. Seeing a double, we know many of our members will want to take this opportunity to take their profits.

Now, because some of you may have bought in at a higher price or even at a lower price, you may not have a 100% return.

But no matter what type of gain you are sitting on, if you do sell your position in Innovative Industrial, we would love to know how you plan to spend your earnings! Will you add it to your nest egg, share it with your family, put it in more investments? The Institute is here for you, and we want to know when it helps to better your lives.

At the same time, Innovative Industrial still has a lot of potential. When I first recommended the company, it was cheap compared to comparable REITs. Now it’s expensive compared to other REITs. On the other hand, no other REIT is growing as quickly as Innovative Industrial, so it deserves to be at least a little expensive. And another dividend increase could make it seem pretty cheap again, powering another leg up in the company’s shares.

The company owned 13 properties that were 100% leased to state-licensed medical-use cannabis operators in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with a weighted-average remaining lease term of approximately 14.3 years.

This rare occasion on Wall Street could be your chance to turn over a new leaf. The marijuana industry has already completed its first monumental strides… but according to this recent announcement, this was only the beginning. In fact, there could be an entirely new wave of millionaires minted – virtually overnight. This rare occasion doesn’t happen often – so take this as a final warning. Full story…

Even though Innovative Industrial hasn’t said much about it, the new property in California is significant – it represents the company’s first new presence in a state with legal recreational use. Previously, Innovative Industrial only made new loans in medical-only states and ended up in recreational ones as states changed their laws.

And when I listened to Innovative Industrial’s earnings call on Thursday, Cofounder and Executive Chairman Alan Gold was not satisfied simply with what he referred to as the company’s “extremely strong pipeline” – he spoke of his intention to penetrate other key states, Florida chief among them.

Innovative Industrial knows that past is prologue, and this same forward thinking that got the company where it is today also sets it up for even further growth.

Whether you choose to sell your shares or continue along with Innovative Industrial’s upward growth, we’re thrilled to be with you for the ride.

Thank you for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. I was not a member of NICI before IIPI stock began its’ meteoric rise; is it still a good buy at the current price? How much higher is it likely to go before it levels off or starts a descent?

  2. Greg are you recommending SVBI as a BUY for NICI Investors? I don’t see it listed in the portfolio.

  3. Thanks, I did double my money on IIPR, however I only had a handful of stocks. Ill probably sell all and place it on couple of new IPO that you will be introducing shortly.

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