Back in October 2018, we wanted our readers to know about Innovative Industrial Properties. Since we first mentioned it, it’s now up almost 100%. Today, we wanted to share your next potential triple-digit winner.

At the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we talk a lot about cannabis banking. That’s because accessing loans and depositing money are still huge hurdles facing cannabis companies.

But for the progressive financial firms who realize how much money there is to be made working with legal cannabis companies, they will be handsomely rewarded.

And I’ve found the perfect play…

Just like when we talked about Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (NYSE: IIPR) – which is now up almost 100% since we launched the American Cannabis Summit on October 23, 2018 – we wanted to add another way for you to try and capture another potential triple-digit return.

Of course, timing is everything, so you may have not seen when we first mentioned Innovative Industrial Properties, you may have bought it at a higher price, or you may have simply chose not to buy shares of IIPR.

I’ll also have more on Innovative Industrial next week.

But if you missed out, that’s okay. I wanted to share another play that could offer a similar profit opportunity, as now is the perfect time to strike.

I talked to my friend and banking expert and he tells me that as of right now, there is only ONE publicly-traded bank taking on cannabis customers – the rest are credit unions or privately held banks.

I’ve held off talking about this company too much before because it faced some significant challenges outside of its cannabis business. However, those challenges seem to be behind it, and we could soon see a quick jump in the stock price thanks to some positive headwinds.

So right now, I’m going to share with you hopefully another big winner to add to your growing list of cannabis investments…

Why Severn Bank Makes the Cut

The company I’m talking about is Severn Bancorp Inc. (Nasdaq: SVBI), which is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. You may have seen me mention it recently.

Again, there’s a lot of reasons to get excited about this pick. But first, I want to take a look at the challenges that I mentioned earlier. That way, it will give you a better idea of the pros and cons of owning Severn as a type of back-door cannabis play.

Severn has transitioned from slow growth to faster growth recently, after spending several years recovering from the financial crisis. Year-over-year growth in assets increased from only 2% in 2017 to 20.7% in 2018, with much of that growth in the second half of the year. Deposits showed a similar growth, from 5.3% in 2017 to 29.4% in 2018, mostly in the second half of the year once again.

Thanks to good management, the company has put that money to work profitably, increasing return on equity from 3.1% in 2017 to a more respectable 9% in 2018.

A big part of that was through controlling operating expenses. The bank’s efficiency ratio (lower is better) is the lowest it has been since 2012. From an operating point of view, that makes Severn a more desirable bank than it was just a few quarters ago. The company also now has a full year of stable dividend payments under its belt, after suspending dividends from 2009 to 2018. It currently has a dividend yield of 1.39%, and look for increases in the dividend sometime this year.

Our mission at the Institute is very simple: To show you how you can make the most money possible from this emerging $1 trillion industry. Up to this point, we’ve done that by revealing what our research shows are the very best cannabis stocks and IPOs. However, today, we want to reveal an opportunity that could be even bigger. All you have to do is click here to find out more.

As a bank, the other ongoing challenge Severn has faced is rising interest rates. The common thinking is that rising interest rates benefit banks, but that’s a lot less true of smaller banks than larger ones, and Severn is a small bank.

It even identified rising interest rates as a key risk to the company’s growth, but there’s good news. The U.S. Federal Reserve recently indicated that it would be pausing its interest rate increases until economic conditions justify another bump.

That means Severn can continue to grow and profit without fear that rising rates will hurt the demand for the loans which are powering its growth.

The Boom in Bank Consolidation

One trend in Severn’s favor is an increase in bank consolidation. Analysts and many economists have been calling for larger banks to buy smaller ones for some time now, and it is finally beginning to happen.

In particular, regional banks want to become larger and are buying each other and smaller banks. The reason is consumer driven. Consumers demand advanced services like mobile banking, fast mortgage turnarounds, and instant and personalized customer service. The technology behind all those services is expensive, and smaller banks have a hard time keeping up.

Severn is a logical consolidation candidate, with only six branches but a large market share in one of the richest counties in America – Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Just from an acquisition offer, shareholders could receive a premium from where the Severn stock price is trading today.

And that brings us to the cannabis business.

Severn’s Bold Cannabis Move

Cannabis has been a big part of the turnaround story at Severn, particularly when it comes to profit growth. Cannabis-related deposits and loans were around 2% of Severn’s total deposits and loans as of September 30, 2018. I expect that number to be around the same when the company makes its full regulatory filing for December later this month.

But cannabis companies also provided 16% of Severn’s non-interest income. Fees are very high in the cannabis industry, and this Maryland bank will continue to profit from them.

Below, you can see how the Severn stock price has been slowly climbing thanks to the recent positive stream of news.

Looking at the chart now, I expect the company to grow at a more normal rate going forward.

I project the stock to make a run at the high seen in that chart of $9.80 per share fairly soon. From the opening price of $8.77 on March 14, that’s a potential return of 11%, which doesn’t include dividend payments.

Not bad for a potential quick buck, but the long-term potential is even better…

Over time, the company should bump up to near its all-time high of $21.14 per share, a level not seen since before the financial crisis. That would be a potential gain of 141%. In fact, getting in early on potential life-changing wealth is what we’ve been talking about in Cannabis Venture Syndicate.

I hope bringing Severn to your attention will help your cannabis portfolio in the long haul, and as soon as I see other under-the-radar picks like this, you will be the first to know.

Until next time,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Why not your usual style of a summary at the end telling us what percentage etc…is this one added to your portfolio?

  2. Hi everyone- Greg, how is it that this small community bank wouldn’t have the same concerns and issues with federal oversight of the cannabis industry that the majority of U.S. banks have?

  3. Mr. Miller,
    I am a devoted member NICI. Your recommendations continue to be the foundation of my cannabis portfolio, thank you for your hard work and insight.
    Regarding SVBI, if you think relevant , please reply to my thoughts.

    SVBI: small bank. Minor changes in rates can be major changes in operational expenses.
    Federal Reserve’s ” pause in rate increase” could end at anytime.
    Cannabis- related deposits & loans….2 %.
    Non-interest income….16 %.
    Manangement is good, but young and maturing.

    Do you think it is too early to get excited?
    I am just trying to keep some balanced perspective and don’t want to make an emotional decision.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    • The FED announced today that they would not raise rates for the rest of 2019. They feel the economic growth this year has settled into a gradual climb and it doesn’t warrant an interest hike…

  4. Yes its a good stock. I made 50% on 50 shares. I sold them at $66.92. Only reason was so that I had money to buy another stock at $43 a week ago. If I had unlimited funds this would be a buy and keep forever stock.

  5. Hi Greg,

    In regards to the banking play on Severn’s I was reading about Conaccord Genuity investment banker from Canada who seems to be a player. I did not see any information on them? Any thoughts?

    Rob Murphy

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  8. I am also looking for some good penny stocks to invest in.
    also when can we expect some new cannabis IPOs?

  9. I follow and listen and watch. Previous to this, the NICI All of my investing was done through work in the form of 401K Now I am a firm believer in Cannabis for health reasons and benefits, but even if I hated pot and only had contempt in my heart about marijuana. Any fool can see that the potential for profit is astronomical. There are many experts out there, all willing to share their experience for a price. Have a great day and may the whole world benefit and profit from CANNABIS !!! Not just the early birds…3/29/19 6:49am

  10. I would like to invest
    I just don’t know how to go about doing it
    Can you help me to invest or is this for knowledge only?

  11. DEARSIR,

  12. DEAR SIR,

  13. 4/14/19 good afternoon, here anyway. doing some additional research, and was wondering if you had any additional comments on next green wave NXGWF. in addition is there anyway to get around those foreign transaction fees when trading. thanks keep up the informative info


  14. Thanks for your ;latest recommendation Greg,…IE Severn Bank SVBI My concern is that The SAFE Banking Act before congress will bring ALL banks into this lucrative market. It seems that would even the playing field and essentially take away Severn Bank’s advantage and therefore stock rise. am I missing something?

  15. I have invested in stocks that are listed in the portfolio, but have no idea of what to do next. I want to enroll in on-line Trading courses, need inside information as to whether it is a good idea.

  16. This is my first visit to this site. I am curious about the timeliness of the information, for example the piece about Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals. When I clicked to be a part of the next limited tier of investors (Cannabis Venture Syndicate) the opportunity had closed. As I read on I saw comments from investors dated back in March. It’s almost of the end of June. I feel like this is “old” information for the level of service I am paying for. What am I missing here?

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