There was a huge merger and acquisition announcement made, and we wanted to make sure you had all the details about this $850 million cannabis deal…

Looking at the future of cannabis, we here at the Institute have identified several key themes which will enable investors to profit from the industry’s growth. Two of those themes are consolidation (mergers and acquisitions) and the need to build national brands.

Those two came together on Monday, when Harvest Health and Recreation (CSE: HARV, OTC: HRVSF) announced its intent to acquire Verano Holdings LLC, a private operator of cannabis facilities.

Both Verano and Harvest are multi-state cannabis companies, and the combined entity is formidable – it instantly becomes one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States when measured by number of facilities.

After the combination and after some construction over the next few months, Harvest will have a presence in 15 states and Puerto Rico, including four recreational states and three more which I expect to allow recreational cannabis this year.

By the end of 2020, Harvest will operate 123 retail dispensaries, 32 production facilities, and 37 cultivation operations.

Of the dispensaries, 30 are open today, with 70 more due to open during 2019. That means the company’s construction plans are front-loaded, which will help revenue ramp up quickly. We’re seeing more and more of these types of big moves across the cannabis industry, and we share more details about how to identify promising cannabis companies looking to make a name for themselves in our brand-new service, the Cannabis Venture Syndicate.

But I have to admit that this particular M&A deal really piqued my interest.

With such expansive operations, it’s making me take a good, long look at Harvest Health and Recreation…

Harvest Health Becomes the Cannabis License King

Harvest will now have the largest license portfolio in the United States.

Now, licenses aren’t everything – revenue and profit are more important – but the licenses give a good indication of where a company hopes to go.

And this deal gives Harvest a much better chance of achieving its goal of becoming the most valuable cannabis company in the world.

Harvest paid a full and fair price for Verano’s assets, which is good news for many of the current holdings in the Cannabis Investor’s Report model portfolio – it establishes a floor for the value of retail cannabis assets and for production facilities in much of the country.

Only 0.1% of investors ever have the chance to purchase a direct stake in a private company. Yet investing in private companies is how many of America’s largest fortunes were created. Now, for the first time ever, we can show you how to join this elite 0.1%. Click here for details on our first private cannabis venture.

On top of that, it also sets the stage for more blockbuster deals during 2019 as companies compete to dominate the cannabis market. If you’ve been investing for a while, you know that companies are willing to pay a premium to buy another firm if it will help them grow faster.

Instead of building something from scratch, sometimes it just makes more sense to buy an established operation with a track record of success. If you want to dig through our “Vault” to try and find potential takeover targets, you can learn how to access it here.

And while I’m intrigued by this news, it happened so fast that I still have some due diligence that I need to perform.

When looking at the Harvest/Verano merger, I’ll need to decide if it warrants an upgrade in our rating on NICILytics. I’ll also be reviewing if this means Harvest makes the cut for the Cannabis Investor’s Report model portfolio.

Remember, cannabis stocks offer us the opportunity to see massive gains with life-altering potential, but that doesn’t mean we’re just going to add any pick to our portfolio and hope for the best. It takes a lot to pass my test of what deserves to go in, so look for a follow-up report after I get a chance to talk to Harvest’s management.

Before I go, I wanted to remind you about our helpful FAQ page. On it, you can find a list of brokers so you can start trading cannabis stocks, more information on how to use our site, and how to get started in cannabis investing.

Thank you for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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9 responses to “What the Massive Harvest Health Acquisition Deal Means for Cannabis Investors”

  1. Awewsome article, Please consider Harvest Health Greg. They will be a mega cap, and leave Canopy behind upon legalization.

  2. I made 60% on 650 shares of this stock formerly HTTHF…My second biggest winner over the last 4 years. And I currently own 150 shares I bought at 6.49 a few days ago. They have always said they will be the biggest…I personally dont care as long the share price keeps going up.

  3. Also very long on Curaleaf and Green Thumb Industries. We hope you consider these wealth altering MSO’s guys, now they are cheap, later as Anthony Scaramucci “The Mooch”, a wall street guy just said you better buy now cannabis stocks now, because once the government legalizes and he knows Trump stocks will not be affordable in this space for average people. Please research this guys, saw it a few days ago. am a junkie for cannabis investing information and came across this a few days ago

  4. A few questions, HRVSF and HARV same company , one traded on OTC n other CSE? If so how can 1 company be up one afternoon while other is down. Both are now over $9-, when is good time to buy either? Do we expect any dip in price over next month or so?

  5. HRVSF (HARVEST HEALTH AND RECREATION) has at times been profitable (as I read in Barron’s). That’s one reason I bought it. I believe in them; I am holding it – long term.

    Think, buy, and homework. Be a Warren Buffet long term investor, not an emty-pockets trader.

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