This week, Greg answers member questions about when to place trades, how to participate in private investments, and why we enter trades the way we do.

Welcome to another edition of our special Cannabis Profits Daily Q&A.

I’m thrilled you’ve all been submitting such great questions. It’s your level of interaction that makes the National Institute for Cannabis Investors stand out above any other service in this industry.

I hope you’ll keep writing in to let us know how the Institute is working for you and what else you might like to learn.

Now, let’s get right into this week’s questions.

Gary R. writes in to say: “I have a question. In your experience relating to time of day, when is the best time to buy or sell?”

Hi, Gary. That’s actually big sport on Wall Street – there are people who basically try to determine when various computer algorithms will kick in and they try to trade ahead of that. But even those folks are stymied when it comes to cannabis stocks because computers don’t push around these stocks the way they do companies on the big indices. Ultimately, I haven’t noticed a certain time of day that is better for trading.

I will say that I like to buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying. That can add a little more to a stock’s total return, and I try to send out my alerts on days when you can do that.

Michael B. wants to know: “How do you buy shares of a private company before they go public?”

Funny you should ask, Michael. It used to be that the only way to buy a company before it went public was to either be incredibly rich – or reasonably rich and somehow connected to the company or its fundraisers. But now the market has opened up a bit, and regular investors can sometimes get into pre-IPO investments.

We’ve just released a brand-new service that can help you do just that. We make the connection, we do the due diligence that many investors don’t have the knowledge to do, and you can then decide whether to contact the company and buy private shares. Of course, there are some additional risks to investing in private companies, but the potential returns available here are absolutely astounding. If you are at all interested in private investing, I strongly encourage you to check out our introduction to Cannabis Venture Syndicate.

Kevin A. asks: “Why do we buy half now and half later? I would think they would be cheaper before they go up, but I’m new at this and that’s why you make the big bucks! But seriously, I’m curious because you guys recommend that a lot, I noticed. Thanks for all your help – you guys are awesome.”

Thank you for your kind words, Kevin. This is a great question, and there are two answers.

The first is that I generally like to buy stocks through a couple trades to get something closer to the average price they have been trading at during the time we’re trying to buy them. That prevents us from accidentally buying during a near-term top on a single day.

If that ends up happening, no sweat. Our second trade will still get us in at a good price.

The second reason is that our membership is a really big force in the cannabis industry now. When we go in to buy a stock, there’s a possibility we might send it up just on the force of our buying. That means that those members who read their emails a little later might not get the best price. So I ask you to scale into positions both for your own good and for the good of your fellow members.

It’s OK if you can’t get in at the price I recommended right away, but you should always try to follow my advice exactly as stated to set yourself up for the largest gains. I don’t want you to ever overpay for a stock.

Thanks again for all your questions! We’ll be back next week to talk about what all has been happening recently at the FDA and much, much more.

Thank you for being a valuable member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


13 responses to “Q&A: What’s the Best Time of Day to Buy Stock?”

  1. I need to get started investing?
    It’s kind of overwhelming!
    I’ve never done this before, but I’m very interested and ready!

      • Open an account with TD Ameritrade or similar. I started with $100, just bought my first stocks! On your homepage it is as easy as searching for the stock, then click buy 10 or 1000 or whatever and boom you own stock!

  2. Hi, I’m a newbie as well, and it is overwhelming with all the information. I do want to learn as much of the basics for now as needed. Is there a trading tool that is suggested by NICI. I too want to get started, but not really knowing where to start, how much and all. I have in my research selected 2 stocks I’d like to invest in. Any and all help for a novice like me, who wants to learn and make some $$ do welcomed and appreciated! Thanks so much!

  3. The first thing that is usually recommended on this site is to find a broker. Most people go with an online broker like etrade or TD Ameritrade or schwab or Fidelity, etc….. Then I would recommend selecting the stocks that are in the portfolio to begin with although you may want to check with the staff about the current stock prices to make sure they are within buy range. I say this because some of them have gone up since the portfolio started. Some significantly.

  4. IM NEW TO.. AND I BOUGHT STOCK ON ROBINHOOD OVER THE WEEKEND AND PANIC, AND CANCEL IT 3 TIMES. IF THE STOCK DROPS DO THAT MEAN WE HAVE TO PAY MONEY OUT? SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS, just notice. and I cannot find most of the ones on here. do I need to get another broker for that? just asking.

  5. I have found a company called Crop Infrastructure Corp. I noticed it is not on your list. I think this could be a very good company and I am very interested in what you think about it. I believe this company could make our members a lot of money. Thanks for all your help! ticker symbol is CRXPF

  6. Just Getting Started, trying to choose a Broker. Alot of reading and ready to start buying. Honestly, it”s alittle overwhelming yet exciting as well. Let”s get started !!!!!

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