We hear stories every day about how cannabis-based medicine is helping to improve lives. Today, we wanted to share your stories…

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and all the money flowing into cannabis, but I like to take a step back every now and then and remember that cannabis-based medicine is also helping to improve lives.

For members of Cannabis Investor’s Report, I just released a detailed article about how CBD helped a young girl go from 300 seizures in a week to ZERO. And from relieving aches and pains all the way up to helping our veterans find relief from PTSD, we’re hearing stories every day about how cannabis is allowing people to take back control of their lives.

But I wanted to hear more from you about your experiences with cannabis-based medicine.

Whether CBD drops help ease your arthritis or you have a very serious medical condition and have found relief from THC-infused edibles, I wanted to give you a platform to tell your story. I was glad to see that so many of you took the time to share your experiences, and it’s just one example of what truly separates the National Institute for Cannabis Investors from anything else out there.

Members of Cannabis Investor’s Report can also check out the message board we created asking how CBD and medical cannabis has helped you in your life.

From breast cancer survivors to physicians, we received a lot of amazing stories from our extraordinary members that you won’t want to miss…

The Power of Cannabis-Based Medicine

One of our readers who wrote in was a physician, and it’s great to hear patients are telling him how CBD and medical marijuana are improving their lives.

But he also has first-hand experience with CBD

“I am a physician. Many of my patients with chronic pain are reporting CBD use and are very pleased with it. I am in Wisconsin, however, a state mired in draconian marijuana views. The Tavern League and the Republican legislature are opposed to marijuana in any form. I have used CBD in liquid form through Charlotte’s Web (CSE: CWEB, OTC: CWBHF).

Since I travel to California and Colorado frequently, I will ALWAYS purchase CBD/THC combination products and find them to be more symptomatically helpful for aches and pains and anxiety than CBD alone. Inhaled and edible products that contain high levels of CBD and lower levels of THC seem to provide me with the most comfort.

Physicians are beginning to read scholarly articles about medical marijuana, and this is a good thing. But too little research is available to make any scientific conclusions. Anecdotal reports like mine do not impress legislators and other skeptical physicians. Bottom line: Cannabis is an ancient, natural, and beneficial substance when used properly and responsibly.”

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I want to thank the good doctor for writing in.

It’s true that there’s still a lot of negative stigma around cannabis use, and there needs to be more education on its benefits as a medicine.

Another founding member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, Y.C., did a test trial to see what kind of medicinal benefits he would find from CBD.

Experimenting with CBD

“As a 30-day experiment, I tried CBD from Charlotte’s Web. The first week I tried it, I thought of it as just taking vitamins. The second week rolls around and I noticed I’m less sore from lifting weights. During that time, my wife noticed I’m more calm and easy going (less stressed). In the third and fourth week, I realized my sleep is more restful.”

I’m glad you had such positive results. Thanks, Y.C.!

Now, I’d also like to share two stories about how medical-based cannabis is helping with some very serious medical conditions…

CBD as a Healing Agent

J.M.M. writes: “I am a breast cancer survivor/thriver and use CBD oil at night to fall asleep. Just takes the edge off and makes me relax when I’m thinking negative thoughts as I try to fall asleep. It’s always a battle to be positive once you have been diagnosed with those three little words, ‘you have cancer.’ It’s no joke!!! It’s great, and a little dab under the tongue is all I need. If my cancer ever returns, I will definitely use the THC part of the plant. It has changed cancer patients’ lives!”

One of the problems with cannabis is there hasn’t been enough research on its medical benefits thanks to federal laws.

But as we inch closer to full marijuana legalization, I’m hoping more people like J.M.M. can experience the benefits of cannabis-based medicine. Thanks for sharing your story, and we all wish you the best from the Institute.

Finally, Robin S. contacted us about how CBD led to a shocking improvement.

“I had a cervical fusion and my vocal chords were injured. I went to months of speech and voice therapies, followed by months of massage therapy. It was there that CBD was brought up. I had been unable to do anything but whisper on my best days – no phone or a drive-through for almost two years, and then slowly, over the last year, I have gained back an audible phone voice. It’s pretty monotone, but I will take it! Thank you for someone in the medical field who thought out of the box. I am pro-CBD all the way!”

Again, this is why medical cannabis research is so important. There’s mental and physical conditions it could help that we don’t even know about.

If we didn’t get to share your story today, don’t worry. This is such an important topic that you may see your responses in a later story down the road.

But I hope hearing from your fellow members at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors gave you a little more insight into how cannabis-based medicine can relieve pain.

Thank you once again for all the tremendous responses, and I hope you enjoyed reading this report as much as I did writing it.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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4 responses to “This Is How Cannabis-Based Medicine Is Changing Lives”

  1. I had a seizure 8 years ago while I was driving. I almost got killed, so my doctor prescribed medication for me, but I still lived with stress. I read about CBD oil. I bought some and have been using it and it helps me big time with the stress.

  2. Thankful for your informative, inspirational, and spirit forming articles Greg and team! Physicians commentary and all people being healed by cannabis was awesome to hear. When the world figures out the healing and wellness variables associated with cannabis, we will be on our way to wellness, healing, and financial prosperity. The world will eventually get that light bulb aha moment. Institutional money will unload war chests and early moving investors with investments in the right companies, will reap. Peer reviewed research has shown that the “entourage effect” provides the best healing. THC and CBD must be used in order to achieve the “entourage effect”. Doctors from Israel and the US have found that the greatest healing agent from cannabis comes from THC. Pure THC is the ultimate anti inflammatory especially in products like RSO which are 99%THC and 1% CBD. We understand that products like RSO are only available in places like California. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil

  3. Hi, I’m a 79 yr old still driving a truck.
    I had shoulder, knee and finger plain. Became a member of NICI in October and got on CBD oil and currently have no pain. LOVE IT!
    Thx—Lonnie Kessler; Hockley, Tex

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