We’ve received a lot of great questions specifically about CBD. Today, I want to make sure you get answers…

On March 1, members of Cannabis Investor’s Report received our monthly report, which featured the CBD and hemp industry.

For members who haven’t had a chance to check it out, I’m really excited about this issue. In it, I discuss how we can make money in the cannabis industry while people are actually being helped with cannabis-based medicine.

That’s the best of both worlds.

In it, I also answered some of your great questions about this subsector of the cannabis market. Since then, you’ve kept the questions coming, and I really appreciate your involvement in the National Institute for Cannabis Investors!

That’s why today, I wanted to take a deeper dive into what some of you have been asking. This industry moves fast, and I want to keep you as informed an investor as possible.

Outside of the Cannabis Investor’s Report CBD newsletter I just sent, I wanted to take the time today and answer two bonus questions that I feel are very important.

Remember that 2019 is the Year of CBD.

What do you think about natural vs. synthetic cannabinoids?

It’s an interesting question. One is not better than the other but I suspect they’ll be different in the fullness of time. For recreational use, natural cannabinoids will be the right way to go. There’s a lot that goes into recreational use beyond the cannabinoids – the flavor of the smoke, vape, or edible, time to onset and time to decline, the social setting, etc. And natural cannabinoids can affect all of those in so many ways that it doesn’t make sense to go to the trouble of making a synthetic cannabinoid. In particular, many traditional cannabis consumers have a “green” outlook; they like naturally occurring products for their food, for their clothes, and of course for their cannabis.

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of marijuana’s incredible potential. Right now, we’re barreling head first toward an explosion of marijuana opportunities for smart investors who go all in on this lucrative industry. In fact, if you move on these two opportunities today, they could make you a fortune – practically overnight. Just click here to take a closer look.

For health treatments, the answer is more complex. It may be that natural cannabinoids can treat a lot of symptoms and maybe even some diseases. Which is great. But it’s also a potential disaster for investors, since a pharmaceutical company can’t sell for a big price the same cannabinoids you can get at the corner dispensary for a small price.

Some disease treatments will not be effectively treated with natural cannabinoids. There, not only will synthetic cannabinoids be more effective, they’ll be more profitable since the company which develops the cannabinoids will have a monopoly on it. That’s the traditional big-pharma model which has made investors billions of dollars. So, if I’m an investor in a cannabinoid pharmaceutical company, I have a preference for the synthetic cannabinoid molecule.

And if you own CBD stocks, you’ll want to see this next question.

I keep hearing about CBD and THC. But there are lots of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. What about those?

This is maybe the biggest question in the pharmaceutical world right now. In addition to the synthetic molecules I wrote about in the last question, there are dozens of other cannabinoids which occur naturally in cannabis. Some have not even been identified, and only recently has anyone been able to extract enough of any of them in a quantity worth studying. Each one has a different effect, and they have still other effects in combinations.

If some of those smaller cannabinoids or combinations of them turn out to be important therapeutic treatments, the total size of the cannabis market will be even bigger than we already think it will become.

Remember to check back in with Cannabis Profits Daily this week, because I will have a big report on yeast, the pharmaceutical industry, and CBD.

Thanks for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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9 responses to “We Have Even More Answers to Your CBD Questions”

  1. As a medical cannabis patient I achieved and have maintained remission from Crohn’s since June 2017 with high levels of THC. I live in Canada so when I travel I have to take a synthetic THC called Nabilone. This will hold my remission for two weeks only. The natural plant is far superior to the synthetic. The agenda unfortunately is always about money and in this case it needs to be about health and truth.

  2. What a Blessing it has been to become a Founding Member. I feel like I have total control regarding my investment decisions. Your help has made all the difference in my financial future.

    My thanks,

    Charles Anthony Adlerbert

  3. Our only experience is with low THC CBD spray. This product that we buy from Emblem has been a Godsend for pain relief.
    Thank You Cathy for the note on Crohn’s. I’m delighted to hear that the THC helped you, but was there no CBD in the product? I have a friend about to try Cannabis for Crohn’s. She suffers so much!.May I ask what product you take?
    I’d love to share it with her since traditional medicine is little help.
    thanks Mike

  4. I have been a prediabetic since 2006 and suffer from diabetic neuropathy. Do you have any studies which show CBD to be effective for relieving these symptoms? thank you.

  5. With all the bad press on CBD’s not containing actual hemp products buyers beware,how can we get the real product to the people ,as an investor I think it is are job,right?

  6. I am overweight with minor medical issues experiencing depression over 60 years old?
    I cannot exercise due to poor knees.
    What type of CBD products help?

  7. Hi Mike I`m trying Hemp oil from ELIXINOL and feeling excelent physically and emothionaly , I recomend it Buy it from Internet it`s cheaper.

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