This week, Greg answers questions about purchase amounts, when he plans to recommend another “buy,” and more…

It was another exciting week here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

Early this week, members of The Cannabis IPO Insider received another trade recommendation for a company I’m really excited about, and Cannabis Investor’s Report members had their first sell alert!

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk more about the profits those members are enjoying – and what more is to come – but for now let’s take a look at some of the outstanding questions our members asked this week.

Althea J. wants to know: “How do you know how many stocks to purchase? I’m new to investing and don’t know how many to buy of one particular stock.”

Hi, Althea. This is the kind of question you’ll have to answer for yourself. You know best what your personal situation is: how much you have to invest, what your goals are, what your income is, what other assets like a home or expected expenses like college for the kids you have, what your risk tolerance is – all kinds of things.

All I can do is make generalized statements about cannabis investments that can’t be construed as personal financial advice due to laws and regulations. I like the cannabis sector even though it’s considered high risk by many people. Then, for Cannabis Investor’s Report members, I can say which cannabis stocks l like the best, and for Lifetime Members with access to NICILytics, I can rate just about every cannabis stock by how much I like it.

How many of those stocks, if any, to purchase and how much of each to purchase is something all members have to decide for themselves. I know that can be difficult and many people need some help deciding. Some people benefit from online guides or books, others engage a financial advisor – still others might get advice from a trusted mentor or friend who has had success investing.

I hope you can get the information you need from one or more of the resources I wrote about above. In the meantime, NICI will be here to provide you with the best insights into the cannabis markets available anywhere.

This next reader wants to know when our next pick is coming…

Richard S. says: “Hello Greg – when can we expect your next cannabis ‘buy’ recommendation?”

Funny you should ask, Richard. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my next recommendation, and I’ll have it to our Cannabis Investor’s Report members next week if I get the final answers to some questions I have about the company.

It’s tricky sticking to a hard schedule for the stock picks since I get the information I need to make just the right pick in dribs and drabs. For example, I liked one of our first picks as a CBD leader right from the get go, and I concluded that 2019 is going to be the Year of CBD late last year, but only in mid-January did I get enough information to recommend our next CBD-related stock.

Ron asks: “Why did NICI choose Baltimore as their Corporate Headquarters location?”

Good question, Ron. Baltimore is not exactly a hotbed of cannabis activity, is it? But it is something of a hub for financial newsletters, and this location allows NICI to find the talent we need to build the Institute. And not just writers and editors. In Baltimore, we were able to find video editors, customer service leaders, web developers, and more who understood what we wanted to build. I honestly don’t think we would have been able to build the team we have anyplace besides Baltimore.

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Personally, I have to say that I benefit from not being in someplace like California or Toronto or another cannabis hub, as it helps me stay independent and isolated from the “groupthink” which can take hold in some industries. And my family is here, so that’s a nice benefit.

Larry N. wants to know: “Do I need a broker or can I use online services?”

Larry, that’s another question only you can answer for yourself. If all you need is to get your trades done and your tax forms generated, an online broker will do just fine. Many people benefit from the advice of a broker or financial advisor who also does trades. That advice can be portfolio planning like Althea might benefit from, or it could be something as simple as remembering your limits on stock with brokers that don’t accept multi-day limit orders. A traditional broker is almost always more expensive than an online service, but for many people that’s money well spent.

I appreciate all of your thoughtful questions, and I hope you’ll keep them coming!

Thanks for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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12 responses to “Q&A: When Will the Next “Buy” Recommendation Come?”

  1. How do you think the CBD and THC from grown yeast will affect our investments? I assume there will be a period of time that the FDA will look at it and either approve it or not. Is this what you see also?

  2. Morning Greg how are you? See I know you are great!!! I appreciate everything you share with me. Like I said to you early in this venture you are great because you step up and provide me with what I need to see from NICI!!!! Thank you again Greg and your team for exceptional service. I hope you have a great day and much success to all of us in the future!!!!!

  3. Hello Greg!
    As a Lifetime Member I am really enjoying the cutting edge information you provide us. It gives me great confidence in making informed cannabis stock investments. Thank you for your guidance and research.
    I am anxiously awaiting any announcements you may have today , March 1st.
    I am proud to be a member of NICI.
    Best regards
    Garry C

  4. I have been receiving a number of cannabis stocks to purchase but when I
    check NICILytics with your recomendations I find they are listed as a 2 or 1,.
    so i don’t purchase. Thank you for your study of cannabis stocks.

    • What do you think about Liberty Health (LHSIF), Supreme Cannabis, or The Wayland Group (MRRCF)?

  5. Greg, I just received the prospectus from my broker regarding the GGB offer to take over ACB. At the time this all commenced, the ratio’s seemed to be in favour of accepting the offer. Recently however, the shares of ACB have recovered & the offer to purchase my ACB shares does not make economical sense. I guess I have to decide if the potential of the two companies together would , in the long run, will be better as a combination? Do you have any comments on the proposal from the holders of ACB’s stock

  6. I recently upgraded my membership to a lifetime status… decision I have made in sometime! I spent about 2 hours reading about and analyzing a handful of companies that show exponential growth potential.
    Your service provides some of the most in depth and comprehensive information with regard to investing in the Cannabis industry. You guys really knocked it “out of the park.”
    I look forward to realizing some “once in a lifetime” gains!

    Best regards,

    Tom Marler

  7. Hello Greg……..What is your recommendation on Sproutly (SRUTF). This stock has almost doubled during the past 2 weeks. Does Sproutly really have the “Holy Grail” for infusing THC into beverages?

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