The average retail investor wants to invest in just Canada. But globalization is key to more profits, and our portfolio is in a perfect position to profit…

Many retail investors view Canada as the most important player in the legal cannabis market because of its fully legalized cannabis market, but I want our readers to look at the bigger story that is unfolding. Yes, there are a lot of opportunities to make money through Canadian-based companies, and we own the best of the best in our portfolios.

But this is a global market, and some of the biggest and most profitable investments will come from outside of North America.

I’ve been telling members of Cannabis Investor’s Report about how cannabis will eventually be grown in places where it likes to grow, bringing cannabis cultivation to South America, Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean. But aside from just importing cheap product, countries are increasingly wanting to establish their own cannabis network.

I want you to be looking at what I’m looking at, as it will not only help you with your cannabis investments, but it will make you a better overall investor when you know how to identify what will unfold before everyone else.

From cutting down on opioid addiction to generating massive tax revenue that can be used to improve schools and infrastructure, legalization can’t be stopped. With legal cannabis sales totaling $10 billion in 2017 in North America, countries around the world have their eyes on this lucrative market.

I know it seems like things may move slow on legalization. But when the ball gets rolling, it’s too fast to stop.

That’s why I’m telling you now that cannabis will be a global industry.

And these are cannabis globalization movements that will help send the top cannabis stocks to the stratosphere…

Cannabis Legalization Is a Global Movement

From baby steps to bold moves, more countries are moving closer to some form of legalization than ever before.

For example, Russia is known for taking a hard stance on marijuana and has even criticized other countries for legalization. But there is now a bill in the country that would raise the amount of cannabis that’s legal to import into Russia.

Another market I’ve been watching is in Germany, Europe’s largest and most stable economy. They are currently accepting applications for domestic medical cannabis cultivation.

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Right now, there are 79 applications submitted for just 13 contracts. Germany will still have to rely on imports even when the first harvest occurs, but this is a good example of a country taking cannabis legalization into its own hands. It may be moving slowly, but I can guarantee this program is going to happen, at least until countries like Colombia start exporting low-cost cannabis to Europe.

In 2018, Britain legalized the medical use of cannabis,” and Thailand – known for strict drug laws – passed legislation for the use of marijuana for medical purposes and research on Christmas day. In Malaysia, you can cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, if you obtain permission from the Minster of Health.

Cannabis Acceptance in South Africa, New Zealand, and Lebanon

Historically, the government of South Africa has not been friendly to cannabis and opposed legalization.

However, in September 2018, the country’s highest court legalized the use of cannabis by adults in private places, and the growing of marijuana for private consumption was also legalized.

For Lebanon, the cannabis industry could help remove it from its status as the third-most indebted country in the world. There are estimates it could be a $1 billion industry.

Finally, New Zealand passed a law in December 2018 that will allow terminally ill patients to access medical marijuana over time, and it allows them to currently use “illegal” cannabis without facing the possibility of prosecution.

Why is all this important?

Everything starts with the legalization of medical cannabis. It’s hard to get a legal framework up and working efficiently from scratch, and the legalization of medical cannabis is the first step of establishing a regulated market.

After that, these countries will know how to open the doors to full legalization.

Cannabis is going to have a global market, and I’m going to keep you in the loop on the biggest and best profit opportunities. I want to remind you that you can also conduct research through our NICILytics system to uncover cannabis investments that you believe may fit well into your personal portfolio.

Thank you for being a founding member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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4 responses to “Cannabis Globalization Will Lead to Even More Profits”

  1. Great story. We know that all of this will come into fruition but it will take time and a major build up will occur first before we get into full legalization. Hearing that the states act and safe banking act will take some time to enact. Start building now guys, and ride the trough lines in the upward direction

  2. Hey Greg, appreciate all the thoughtful analysis [about $30K worth of appreciation so far]. Nice having someone with crash of ’87’- 2008, tech bubble, irrational exuberance, and Asian contagion experience. Fun times huh?

    As a fellow market traveler, who would have guessed what a truly stunning opportunity the cannabis sector would be? What’s the sector competition? Medical equip? Tech? Semi’s? Real Estate? Picture the movie Trading Places, with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd discussing pot futures instead of orange juice or pork belly’s. Perhaps pot could be marketed as an inflation hedge investment. Picture the day when CGC and the other ‘blue chips’ start paying dividends… Widow and orphan type investments. Call it: ‘Ansel Adams Optics’. The big picture…

    By the way, do you ever get over to Owing Mills, Maryland, 21117? Friday night hasn’t been the same without Louis Rukeyser. Should someone tell them you’re available?

  3. Morning Greg how are you? I couldn’t agree with you more. It already is a global market. It is just going to get bigger!!!!

  4. Cannabis globalization is good news.
    A different problem: I read i the news yesterday that in California 80% of Cannabis sales are black market. This really cuts into the income of legal sellers. Is it this bad in other states, or is California special?

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