Special Situation Strategist Tim Melvin took a few minutes to sit down with NICI Executive Director Greg Miller. When he did, he shared some great insights on the cannabis industry, including a bold prediction concerning President Trump.

We’ve been talking a lot about banking recently, so to close out the week, I want to share an interview I had recently with someone from the banking world.

My good friend and colleague Tim Melvin spent over 30 years managing money for some of the wealthiest people in the world. Today, he serves as Special Situation Strategist for Money Morning. Not bad for a guy who started out selling vacuum cleaners door to door.

But when we met up in Miami last month, it wasn’t banking or money management that had him excited.

See, like me, Tim was in Miami for more than just the famous Florida sunshine and warmth. We were both attending the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

During our interview, Tim drew from his decades of investment insights to apply them to the rapidly expanding legal cannabis market.

We talked about everything from M&A to his estimates for the eventual cannabis industry size to how cannabis will “bail out a lot of states.”

He even has a bold prediction about Donald Trump you can’t afford to miss.

Click on the image below to view the entire interview.

Thanks for being a founding member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Danny Brody is famous for being the “behind-the-scenes” architect for two of the biggest IPOs in cannabis history. The two cannabis firms he’s helped take public have created $2.2 billion in new wealth for shareholders. Fact is, he has the power to open doors in the cannabis industry that only a few can. That’s why we wanted to sit down with Danny and extract his wisdom regarding the current market climate for cannabis IPOs. We got him to talk about where the “big money” can be made, the ripple effects of full U.S. legalization and more. He’s even going to reveal which cannabis IPOs every cannabis investor should be targeting. All you have to do is click here to get all of Danny’s insights, including where he believes investors should put their money right now.


4 responses to “Why This Situation Specialist Is Calling for Cannabis Legalization in 2020”

  1. This is a great post. Tim hits some great points. I am particularly interested in the REITs and the investment banking aspect of what he offers here. While I’ve built my cannabis portfolio around the NICI portfolio, I’m very interested in expanding to these mentioned sectors. Here in Wisconsin, my state leadership all favor medical marijuana legalization. The recreational picture is somewhat blurred. Much of the delay here relates to the Schedule I classification issue. As a physician, I have advised every legislator from my district regarding the importance of reclassification, medicinal and recreational legalization, and support of both state and federal bills aimed at resolving the untenability of current marijuana statutes. On a political note, I fully agree with Tim regarding the 2020 presidential race and how that will affect cannabis legislation as it relates to the electorate. I fully expect legalization federally as a political move. Not too shabby…long overdue.

  2. As a Canadian I feel that our 2 countries have been historically so closely intricately linked in many endeavors both as neighbors and as co-collaborators in many world peace/aid keeping missions. Like why are’n we just even across the board? Why aren’t things “Even Stevens”? Why does there have to be this in-divisible line in the sand of our flat lands and the St. Lawrence river that says we are different somehow? Most of us would love to come for a visit again but when you lose $.30/$1.00 US exchange rate and $4.00/$100 US exchange rate from the bank (that further charges us and the $4.00/$100 US to put it back to Canadian $$$$, it kind of puts a sour taste in our mouth’s. But getting to the gist of things, Legalization will not only be a boon to the government coffers but also take the onus off of a lot of other (X*%$#X) useless government departments. Create tons of spin off jobs to boot. It’s a win win for everyone. You guys need to get rid of the old folks lawmakers who watch movies like Reffer Madness .!!! LOL! By the way its just hapopened here and alkthough the stores sell crap anyways there not a lot of pandemonium happening here… business as usual in our world. Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody thats a nobody right! LOL!!!
    Henry B.

  3. Legalize marijuana… let’s get going!!!!, medically, recreational, REIT, banking …all the above…everybody wins!!!!

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