Have you asked us a question recently? Your answer may be right here.

I want to start by thanking you for being an integral part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors. The community we are building is truly amazing, and that’s why I’m always excited to hear what you have to say.

We are on a ground-floor opportunity in cannabis investing, but I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start if you’re new to all of this.

That’s what a lot of folks are telling me in the comments on our Cannabis Profits Daily reports, and because you are a founding member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, I want your voice to be heard.

Now, I have to remind you that I can’t offer any personalized investing advice.

But I am here to help you understand the industry – and how you can use our services to your financial advantage.

Let’s start with the basics of cannabis investing, and then I will move on to some of the comments left on our recent reports…

Cannabis Investing 101

Rebecca H. would like to know, “How do I buy stocks?” 

Greg: A question doesn’t get much more straightforward than that, Rebecca, and I thank you for asking it. At the Institute we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of our members who are so interested in cannabis investing that their first cannabis stock will be their first stock of any kind! We couldn’t be happier to help so many people begin their path to a lifetime of successful stock investing.

To buy stocks, you need a brokerage account with some money in it. Back in the day, opening a brokerage account was something of a hassle, but today you can open and fund an account in just a few minutes over the internet or even with an app. It’s like applying for a credit card or renting a car. In fact, signing up for a brokerage account is almost as easy as signing up to be part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

This may be the only time in history you can get in for just pennies a share – and watch your chump change potentially transform into tens of thousands of dollars. Just one of these marijuana IPOs can have enough profit potential to turn you into a millionaire… virtually overnight. Just click here for the details.

We have a list of brokerages firms which many of our members like to use here. Then, whether you want to trade a stock we’ve recommended at the Institute, a cannabis stock you’ve researched yourself with the help of the NICILytics Database, or a non-cannabis stock, you simply put in the ticker symbol and follow the on-screen instructions from your broker.

Cannabis Stocks Uplisting to the NYSE

Michael J. just asked, “Hexo stock went from being listed on OTC markets to the NYSE American market. What does this mean for me, and do I have to anything?

Greg: Great question, Michael. This was good news for Hexo Corp. (NYSEMKT: HEXO, TSX: HEXO). An uplisting to a more prestigious exchange can provide more legitimacy to a company in Wall Street’s eyes, and it can also broaden Hexo’s exposure to U.S retail investors and even institutional investors. So what it means for you first of all is that you’ve got a stock with more people looking at it. That’s good news. It also means that when you go to sell the stock you may get better “execution” on your trade. That is, the price you receive for your shares will be closer to the quoted price. The best news of all is that you don’t have to do anything. When you go to sell your stock, no one will even know you bought it over the counter before the uplisting. In fact, your brokerage account should already have changed your portfolio to reflect the new stock symbol, but the number of shares and the price at which you bought them stays the same.

Here’s What’s Happening with Caliva

Barbara W. wants to know, “Is Caliva going to be a public company?”

Answer: Thanks for the question, Barbara. I was excited to see that Joe Montana was involved with a $75 million investment round in the cannabis firm Caliva. With that money, Caliva plans to expand and grow its current operations, which include a farm, retail store, distribution center, and delivery service. Currently, this company is just getting started and isn’t likely to IPO anytime soon. According to CrunchBase, Caliva has only had two funding rounds: a seed-funding round in 2018 and a Series A round (the Montana investment). Companies normally have several funding rounds because they need money for expansion, marketing, and acquisitions. For instance, Uber had a Series G funding round back in 2016, and they aren’t expected to go public until later this year or next. As Caliva matures, we will keep you informed with any updates or possibilities of an IPO. This industry is changing so fast that maybe with an acquisition or two we could see Caliva in the IPO market sooner than I think!

Banking & Cannabis

Keith recently asked, “Do you think any banks will be added to the portfolio in the near future?”

Greg: Hi Keith, right now, most banks aren’t willing to take on cannabis companies as clients. There’s a few, and I think they will be rewarded with long-term profits. In the Cannabis Investor’s Report portfolio we’re looking for companies which have a more direct exposure to the cannabis industry than even the most cannabis-friendly bank is likely to have, so including a bank is unlikely. However, for those people who are looking for bank investments, lifetime members of The Cannabis IPO Insider receive a special report which includes one bank which is getting over 15% of its non-interest revenue from cannabis companies despite around only 2% of their deposits and loans being associated with cannabis.

I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to comment, share your thoughts, and ask questions when we publish reports.

It truly makes the National Institute for Cannabis Investors something special.

Greg Miller

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investor

P.S. Recently, our team of analysts handed down their trade instructions for our next runaway pot stock recommendations. And I’m inviting you to join them now before the gains really start rolling in. The NICI team believes that these stocks could rapidly become our next double- or even triple-digit winners practically overnight. Think about that for a second. That would be ten times your initial investment on each trade. You just have to click here to learn more about this rare opportunity.


22 responses to “You Asked About Cannabis, We Answered”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work. Do you know when Cardiol Therapuetics (CRDL-CA) -CBD Medical Therapies for Diastolic Heart Failure and brain cancer- will get an OTC symbol?

    Also, will you be doing an analysis of Westleaf, Inc. (WSLFF) in the near future? They are a Canadian Cannabis retailer.

  2. Greg, I got in to NICI early on. I own about 12-14 Cannabis stocks based on your portfolio recommendations. My concern is that I don’t spread myself too much and end up with some losers.

  3. Kerry the customer service rep explained to me it means if you were going to buy all in(100%) you would buy only a quarter of that on a stock or 25% , buy only 1/2 or 50% of intended buy, Hope’s that helps you.

  4. sorry about 2nd post but full intended position is all in on stock I think, if i can remember that’s how I heard it.

  5. This just means that whatever amount you plan to buy in a given stock, only buy 1/4 or 1/2 of that amount for now. For example, if you normally intend to invest $1000 per stock, then “buy 1/4 stake” means buy $250 worth of the stock for now.

  6. how do i get round waiting for 40 days in the case of a Canadian ipo in order to buy it through a US broker like Charles Schwab. If I wait 40 days all the immediate gain in buying on the first day is lost. Charles Schwab says there is no short cut

  7. Is there an area on this website for total beginners? I have never even considered investing in the stock market before and am clueless to any of the terms, etc. I am hoping to find some basic and general “Newbie” info that will help me learn and begin to understand various terms and how buying and selling work.

  8. Cannabis should never have been illegal.
    The fact that the most blessed drug is still being persecuted is another shameful disgrace of our system which supports leaders leading the world to Hell. Our FDA and DEA and government are a disgrace along with the varied array of so many drugs which kill yet the blessed plant does not.

  9. How can I invest in the NICI 50, NICI Wellness, and NUCI US Cannabis funds that show up on the bottom of our emails? As Founders and Elites, we should be able to share a piece of this too, right?

  10. I am wondering why all the Cannibis Stock is down today. What is the problem?
    I have been hearing that the stock market is going down as is the dollar.
    Please comment

  11. I have a question on stop loss. Why wouldn’t you recommend a trailing stop loss that fluctuates with the price per share to capture whatever profit you establish?

  12. Barbara, cannabis stocks were mostly lower on Tuesday, February 5th, as investors digested a downgrade of Canada’s Cronos Group Inc. after its strong gains in the year so far. Nothing to worry about.

  13. Hi! Deborah, I’m so glad you asked that question as a beginner; I couldn’t have asked it better. I’m excited about the prospect of learning from NICI and working with the community, but like you this is all new to me. Maybe it’s better we’re newbies, we’ll learn the right way to invest. Thanks. 🙂

  14. If you have a limited amount of money to invest how do you decide which cannabis stock to buy? Imagine you are thinking several stocks every month and 12 months. how do you filter which one of them have the best potential? Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my concern,

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