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A couple of weeks ago I was at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami.  This was not your typical boondoggle and trade convention, but a conference focused exclusively on executives from many of the top cannabis companies and investors like us that that these executives want to meet.

Before I headed out, I promised you I’d come back with updates and videos, and today I have something special for you.

Every month, we interview the executives running the cannabis companies that are changing – or are poised to change – the world. These are deep dives into the inner workings of the companies, and they include everything from company history to what keeps the executive up at night and the one thing they want our members to know.

And while at the conference, a CEO of this top U.S. cannabis company shared with me the next watershed moment for cannabis during this exclusive video interview…

Striking Predictions

I had the chance to interview Ed Fields, Chair and CEO of DionyMed Brands Inc. (OTC: HMDEF, CSE: DYME), a multi-state distribution and branding company. During the interview, he shared some great insights and perspectives on both DionyMed and the industry.

As part of our conversation, Ed explains why he believes California is at a watershed moment for the cannabis industry. He also gives a striking prediction about the federal descheduling of marijuana and the one thing he believes will be a “Katie, bar the door!” moment for cannabis businesses.

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This is the kind of content our Cannabis IPO Insider members receive on a regular basis.

They also get access to our Reports from the Field segment, where IPO expert Danny Brody checks in from his travels across the world with his insights, industry gossip, and short interviews with CEOs.

And our Video Investor Presentations, where I walk them through all the major points they need to know about the companies we recommend here at the Institute.

Today’s video is a part of what we call our Founder’s Roundtable, and, like I said, we have one every month.

Enjoy the video and hope this gives you a sense of just how much you have to gain by becoming Cannabis IPO Insider.

Thanks for being an integral part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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48 responses to “This Top Cannabis Exec Just Revealed the Next Watershed Moment for Cannabis”

  1. Should we be concerned about a potential stock market crash on your portfolios of cannabis stocks & to what extent?
    Can you please include PNTV in your cannabis database?

  2. Being a senior citizen for many years and having lost a great deal of my savings to the markets over the past 30 years. I gave up on Wall Street a long time ago. I am now getting excited again in hopes of regaining what was lost.
    Cannabis is where my money and hopes are at. I am hearing many good things about the product and that makes me glad to be apart of it. Go get’em guys. Enjoyed the informative interview very much.

  3. Hey Greg how are you? As always simply splendid!!! You never cease to amaze me, at a time when I need to be amazed. Thank you borrowing NICI phase I am all in . Know that I appreciate what you do, as I said before I need you to be great. Because by association I am going to be great at this too!!!

  4. I am truly new to this and looking forward in learning and growing financially. Have not made anything yet but I am hopeful.

  5. It looks and sound like the cannabis industry is about to explode, and I am positioning myself to reap the rewards.

  6. I am very new to this stock market. Cannabis industry it’s just so much it’s overwhelming. I need a little help on which stocks I should purchase. To be in position for the next big gain. Thank you very much.

    • Get into IPOs! I can’t afford that program. If you can, it’s a good place to start. Also try to invest in something that pays dividends such as Microsoft. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket ❤️?

  7. I need help to do this. I have money to invest but am afraid to loose it all by trying to do it myself. Should I get a Brocker?

    • You need a broker to place trades. But do your homework try to find several
      recommendations on the stock your looking to purchase.

    • No, you do not need a broker. Sign up for Fidelity account; limit your investment and don’t expect an instant return. Limit your potential losses.

  8. Are waiting until the Canadian cannabis stocks trading on the CSE and the TSX are also traded on the OTCBB before you send recommendations to buy? If so what about the IPO’s?

    • Yes. I use Charles Schwab. They’re great. Also always be prepared to invest by always having money in your account ready to go so you can get in ASAP instead of having to wait for transfers ect.

    • Get an account at Fidelity and buy and limited amount in different companies. I haven’t had good returns yet in 2019 but expect some of the companies to develop more. If you qualify for a Roth, put money in there!

  9. I am using RobinHood and I cannot find the companies so far discussed on this Cannabis insider thing I bought into…

    • I am using RobinHood and TDAmeritrade. I may be wrong, but it seems to me the only stocks I can get to using RobinHoood are traded on a U.S. Exchange.

      • Go to Market Watch web site symbol look up and if it’s on the US exchange it will show up there if not it doesn’t have an IPO yet.

  10. Hi guys I just want know about,NABIS(nab inanobative properties holdings)but right now I see the new,Blombox INNFP, I want to buy this stock but I don’t know what it is good innovative properties I think it’s right one.Thank you.Enos

  11. Try Fidelity as your Broker. I buy and sell stocks easily w/ my mobile phone using their awesome app. (very easy to use) [I’m no techy]
    Plus they are super friendly and helpful and available until 7pm. EST.
    I rolled over money into an I.R.A at Fidelity from a 401k that I had at my last job. Good Luck to all and read up on everything you can!

  12. I Am hot and cold and a little bit afraid of loosing the little bit I have.
    I read most of your information but I wold like to feel secure, sense I
    Will also be using the cannabis oil etc.
    thanks Ana.

  13. Greg
    I am very impressed with your interviewing technique with the CEO , it was focused on key inherent values of this company. I will due more diligence. “What keeps him up at night. ” ,but like what I heard as their a going forward strategy.

  14. A Canadian Company that has unbelievable potential is
    Delta9 also traded US market as VRDNF . Do you have any comments?

  15. Ive read all the comments and not a single reply whats up with that do you even read the comments?


  17. I’m a senior citizen with a little savings. This is probably my last chance to stay above water. What would you guess the percentage rate of me staying above water would be? Also do I have to have a broker?

  18. Yes you have to get a broker. Charles Schwab is great! They’re great at teaching also, but no broker can suggest what to buy,when to buy or to sell.
    Sense I’m not seeing any replies here either, l thaught I’d answer a few questions for you ❤️?

  19. After reading some of the other comments i almost feel like a veteran. I started with the roadmap to marijuana millions and the Nova x report in may of 2017 was my first stock buy. It will get easier as u go , i have 7 stock from the nici portfolio so far and none have dissapointed so far trust the information in nici they are on it. just dont panic sell be patient they will rebound

  20. Call the number on your box.or paperwork.They are there to help us Did
    You miss the video? They can tell us when to sale, buy, which ones, on a text message. There are: brokers in our paperwork. Just ask

  21. To everyone who asks “how do I buy stocks”? Its actually pretty easy to buy stocks. The trick is buying the stocks that will go up in value so you can sell them and make a profit. First thing, open a brokerage account with someone like Etrade or TDAmeritrade or Schwab or Fidelity to name a few.
    Then place money into the account. Then you buy stocks.
    To pick which stocks you actually buy,… I joined NICI.
    Ninety percent of my stock portfolio is made up of stocks off NICI.s “dashboard”. I am averaging around 40 percent gains which is phenomenal! Most cannabis stocks trade on the OTC…over the counter. The extra fees people talk about are for “foreign” stocks.”

  22. Thank You Greg;
    Please continue sending help for beginners. I really need a counselor or mentor to help me after I’ve opened a brokerage acct. Then, how to select what stocks to buy & when to sell. HELP !!!!!!

  23. I am a lot like mr Weaver here. I have lost at this and lost at that. This Cannabis craze was going to be my life changer but I have yet to make my first move from your recommendations I’m brand new and having a hard time getting a foothold. U think Greg, mike, Danny, u guys might help me w a jump start?? Right now I would be thrilled w a “break even” on my $495. As I really don’t have that type of money to sling around
    I’m not into refunds. I’m from the old school so pls just SHOW ME.!! Maybe a couple of picks that is about 90% ready to breathe some life into me. I,too , have kept an ear out on diony. But u sound unsure. Is it a
    Yeah or neah..time is running out !!

  24. Hi guys,
    I’m feeling already rich with so many billion talks, even trillion. Otherwise I’ve lost already a lot of money on the portfolio( where is it hidden?) recommendations. Anyway, I’ve heard hope is the last to die.

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