This NFL legend believes cannabis can provide pain relief and help curb the opioid epidemic. But he’s taking that belief one step further, and that could mean huge things for the industry…

Once a taboo subject, more NFL athletes than ever before are supporting cannabis legalization. Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon called marijuana a “godsend,” and former running back Ricky Williams even started his own cannabis wellness brand.

But even before players retire, cannabis is an active part of NFL culture.

Retired tight end Martellus Bennett estimated in 2018 that 89% of NFL players use marijuana. Many star athletes don’t want to become addicted to opioids, and they view cannabis as a natural medical cure.

Football great Joe Montana feels the same way.

The former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers believes cannabis can provide pain relief and could help curb dependency on opioids.

But he’s taking it a step further…

Through his venture capital firm, Montana is part of a $75 million investment in Caliva. The cannabis company plans to use the investment to expand and grow its current operations, which include a farm, retail store, distribution center, and delivery service.

Carol Bartz is also a part of the $75 million round, and it’s always a positive when she is on board with an investment. Bartz is the former CEO of Yahoo, and she has been a member of eight public company boards in the last 20 years. She will also join Caliva’s board.

Now, we don’t know how much Montana invested.

But this news still has me very excited.

For Montana to invest his own money means huge things for cannabis…

Joe Montana Proves This Is Where the Smart Money Is Heading

Montana has surrounded himself with some smart cookies, which is the best move he could have made to help increase his $80 million net worth.

Just take a look at his general partners.

Mike Miller is a Ph.D. Physicist and the founder of Cloudant, a database service that was acquired by IBM (NYSE: IBM). His other partner, Michael Ma, was the founder of TalkBin, a customer feedback platform that was acquired by Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL).

Here’s the situation – you have a former athlete, with millions of dollars, working with two bright partners, and they decided to invest in cannabis. Montana and his forward-thinking team know that right now is the time to make a move.

He was one of the first venture capitalists to see the amazing potential of the marijuana market. He’s personally helped mastermind some of the most successful cannabis IPOs in history. And now, in an urgent briefing, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cannabis IPOs just revealed how average investors can become true cannabis millionaires. Just click here to hear what he has to say.

That’s what has me excited.

Even an athlete with a squeaky-clean image is not afraid to invest in cannabis.

Montana and his partners see what we see – the marijuana industry is growing from a “wild west” investment to a legitimate industry that generated $10 billion in legal sales in 2017.

The taboo of cannabis as a criminal enterprise is fading away, and the smart money is loading up on cannabis investments. Executives at marijuana companies have told me they used to be afraid to tell their friends and family what they did for a living.

I’m glad things are changing and we are witnessing these changes together, and to start the week, I have a question I want to leave you with.

After seeing cannabis investing go mainstream, what is it going to take for you to finally join in?

Thanks for being an integral part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. You wouldn’t want to ride on an airplane where the pilot has been given the wrong coordinates. Why would you want to invest in a stock based on the wrong information? But that’s exactly what is happening if you’re relying on information about cannabis stocks from other financial websites. The Institute digs deep and turns over every stone to ensure information like share counts, market caps, and what is really promised out to early investors in a company is available at your fingertips. Just click here to find out how to get the real data on more than 100 of the biggest, most tradeable cannabis stocks before you invest your hard-earned money.


23 responses to “Why I’m So Excited About Joe Montana’s Cannabis Investment”

  1. Hey Greg I am with you . I read about this earlier, thank you for confirming before I had a chance to ask you about it!!!! Greg I am counting an banking on you to be thorough!!!! Help us better ourselves and our families please. I believe in you. I am loving your education of me and looking forward to the compensation from your teaching!!!!! As always I hope you had a great day. Thank you

  2. I am a large believer and investor in the Cannabis Sector. I am interested in learning about specific investment opportunities for this company.

  3. My wife posted this on FB a couple days ago. Very excited. He is still GOAT and my favorite player. I instantly tried to find a stock ticker symbol for Caliva but I guess they’re not there yet!

  4. This is super exciting news… and no doubt we will all be watching this Coliva very closely. Is there any chatter about when Coliva is planning to go public?
    Watching this space closely, thank you!

  5. What do you think of KALY— and their patented extract business? They’ve partnered with several up and coming companies – all associated with THC; the real dynamite side of Cannabis companies.

  6. Just got signed up yesterday and I’m very excited to get into all the data on these startup company’s. I’ve been investing in cannabis and have been part of some other organizations that just seem that there goal is to get your money and the information is stale. I want to retire with in the next 2 years and cannabis is the vehicle to make that happen. Happy to be apart of National Institute.

  7. Thank you so much for doing some of the legwork for us. I too, think with the right information on cannibas, I can retire and enjoy a little bit while I still have life in me.

  8. Hello, I’m that little guy that you talk about! I’m not rich by any means but I don’t want to sit back any longer and not get in the movement. So,were do I sign up?

  9. Greg, You do a fine job researching these companies and getting interviews with major players. The reports and videos you share are very interesting and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  10. Since my Financial Advisor can’t invest my money in Cannabis because he holds a Federal license, can someone who is trusted please give us advice on how and who to invest with.

    • My primary account is at a conventional brokerage. They block the purchase of some small stocks. Try Webull,Stash,Robinhood. All online. Caution,these are all easy in. Stash for example is free until assets grow to a certain level. Webull,free tades but transfers out to your regular brokerage account ,expensive. Read all disclosures,ask ? ,Online chats available. Plan your exit strategy in advance.

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