This stock is already up 40% and counting, but the gains are far from over.

Your free cannabis stock pick continues to be a workhorse.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) has risen a total of 40% since we first shared it with you back in October.

To put that into perspective, cannabis darling Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) is down 40% over that same time frame, and Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) hasn’t fared much better, taking a 19% loss.

Looking over the month of January alone, Innovative Industrial has put up a 24% gain. So why has this cannabis stock done so well where others have faltered?

Well, let’s start with a quick recap of what the company does.

Innovative Industrial is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focusing on medical-cannabis growing facilities. Since the company doesn’t touch the plant, it isn’t running afoul of any U.S. federal laws. As such, it is not barred from trading on U.S. exchanges.

That means the company has been able to trade on one of the largest exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – for months. That makes it a bit more attractive to traditional investors.

As a REIT, Innovative Industrial is also legally obligated to pay out a certain amount of earnings to shareholders. As earnings have risen, so has its dividend – the last payout coming at a 40% increase over the one previous.

And we can expect that dividend to keep rising.

On Tuesday, Innovative Industrial released its latest investor presentation, revealing a total of $25.6 billion in annual base rent and property fees as of December 21, 2018 – an impressive increase of 29.3% since August 10, 2018.

Over the same period, Innovative Industrial’s capital invested rose by 32.9% to $167.4 million, with an almost flat yield on that investment above 15%.

With no other publicly listed REIT in the cannabis industry, we can expect to see Innovative Industrial Properties continue to post positive numbers in its reports – and for the share price and dividend yield to continue to grow.

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12 responses to “Positive Results Mean a Positive Future for This Cannabis Stock”

  1. I am pleased that I joined your group. Since I joined I have had surprisingly good results like never before. Thanks NICI for the information I get from you, it helps me a lot!!!

  2. Tho I be “small potatoes” w/ NICI . . . . I’ve REALLY ENJOYED the Positive Experiences w/ a few picks! I have so much to learn an’ gain being w/ NICI.
    I wanna’ avail myself to the larger block thinking of “Goin-All-In” Thank you
    GM an’ the whole Team @ NICI.

  3. I am impressed on your analysis of Innovative Industrial. Why have you not included it in the model portfolio?

  4. Im new . Looking for the best deal , Pot stocks, also heard about a new currency other than Bitcom any info

  5. This comment is for Leland Grieves who commented about investing in TIlray or Aurora asking if its “still smart to invest in them” Tilray is up over $70.00 per share and trending flat since January

    but Aurora has been trending up since January with no signs of stopping…even though its a little down today.
    Its also one of the few low priced cannabis stocks that’s optionable!!
    While holding it and making gains…its up over 70 percent since January..
    You can write covered calls on it and profit more. Im doing real well with it
    Thank you NICI for changing my life. Worth every penny

  6. How do I buy stock on my own and where do I go. Never done this and scared. Don’t have a lot to invest. It’s my life savings. Just trying to get out of depth and help my family, thank you for any input. I like Aurora for some reason. So far. But I don’t know how to sign up and how to watch. I’ve been stolen from on the past year. Almost everything. Thank you
    Mary Davidson
    in TN

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