Whether a first time trader or a somewhat seasoned investor who just wants to make sure the information they believe is accurate about trading actually is, there is always value in reviewing the basics of cannabis investing and the tools available.

The cannabis industry is set to erupt.

After decades of prohibition, unstoppable momentum is pushing state-wide and international legalization efforts. Whether allowing for full-recreational or medical-only use, it is creating vast pools of new investment into legitimate streams of revenue and pulling entrepreneurs and innovators into previously unexplored areas of growth.

With all the information that is out there, a big part of what the National Institute for Cannabis Investors does is makes sure the people buying these stocks have the more accurate, most reliable information possible. And as we’ve noted in a past Cannabis Profits Daily article, that’s shockingly not a given out there on some of the free financial sites.

At NICI, we know that an informed investor is a successful investor and we want to do everything possible to help you succeed in making a fortune in cannabis stocks. We also know that it’s important to have all the basics down before making huge commitments of your investment capital.

Whether a first time trader or a somewhat seasoned investors who just wants to make sure the information they believe is accurate about trading actually is, there is always value in reviewing the basics of cannabis investing and the tools available.

And members of the Institute at varying levels have access to the most powerful tool in cannabis investing. It’s one that can make – or save – them thousands of dollars.

It’s called NICIlytics, and here’s how it works…

NICILytics is The Most Comprehensive Data for Cannabis Stocks

At the Institute, we want to do everything possible to help you succeed in making a fortune in cannabis stocks.

To accomplish that, we built our NICILytics portal, which is available only to Lifetime members of Cannabis Investor’s Report.  In this portal, you can find more, and better, information regarding cannabis stocks than anywhere else.

If you think the market is crazy now, just wait. Folks who aren’t paying attention could lose everything. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. You could still get “unbelievably wealthy” over the next six to eight months. How? Just following in the footsteps of the most powerful and connected men in America. And if you click here, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

We put this information at members’ fingertips because the cannabis market moves at lightning speed.

It grows by billions of dollars with every passing law, innovation or research breakthrough.  Every missed chance to get informed is another opportunity to build generational level wealth that has passed.

In the NICILytics database, you will find in-depth analyst reports on all of the top cannabis companies, individual stock pages for each company, performance charts, and trading analytics.

There you will see several tabs, and to the right is the tab to take you to the main page for the NICILytics database.  This page gives you several columns of information on all of the cannabis companies we’ve researched at a glance…

NICILytics Main Page

This includes the company name, the symbol for its stock, the exchange on which that symbol is trading, the latest price at which the company’s stock traded and the number of shares traded on the exchange in the column labeled Volume.

We have also identified 9 sub-sectors in which companies operate and how we’ve categorized each company is shown in the Sub-Sector column.  Over time, there will be more sub-sectors as the industry matures and other niches emerge.

And you can sort that sector or other information in any of the columns. To do so, just click on the column label.

Market value, under the “MKT VAL” heading, is a critical metric, especially in an industry where capital is being raised furiously to fund expansion and acquisitions.  I describe why this number is so important in even more detail here at this link, but essentially it tells you what the company is worth if you were to own the whole company.

The column labeled “ORIGIN” tells you in which country the company primarily operates. “RATING” is NICI’s quick evaluation of the stock (we’ll get to more on that in a moment) and “ANALYSIS” provides a link to the analyst report for that company and the date of the latest update.

NICI rates cannabis companies on a scale of zero to five, with five being our best rating. We reserve a rating of one for those companies which either have scam-like characteristics or have a big red flag with respect to how they run the company or history of some member of the management team. Those with a zero are not necessarily bad companies, but just so small or early stage that there is not enough information to draw any conclusions about its business.

Each row is a different company, and there are two links on each row.  Clicking on the company name takes you to the stock page for the company and clicking on the date under the “Analysis” column takes you to our detailed report for that company.

Stock Pages

The top of each stock page lists the primary and secondary exchange for each company and the symbols those companies trade under on those exchanges.

Many cannabis companies are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) but there are several also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and some even qualify to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or over the Nasdaq.  Almost all companies in the database also trade over-the-counter (OTC).  I’ll be letting you know about the differences between the various exchanges in a few days.

The company’s origin and sub-sector are also listed on the top.

Below this top-section is a window to access the analyst report, which can also be accessed from NICILytics main page, and we’ll get to what you can find in this report shortly.

Next on the stock page, under the heading “LATEST TRADING“, is a row with the stocks latest stock price, the percentage change in price from the last trade price at the end of trading on the previous trading day (referred to as the closing price).  This percentage change is either shaded green for an increase or red for a decrease.  In parentheses is the dollar change in price from the prior day’s closing price.

The page then shows the price at which the stock started trading that day (Open), and close price from the previous trading day (Previous Close).

The next two rows show a bar graph demonstrate the range in the stock’s price over the current trading day and over the prior 52 weeks, respectively.  Each bar displays the highest and lowest price over the range on each end of the bar and a bar illustrating where the price is currently in relation to that range.

Volume is the same number shown on the NICILytics main page and Equity Market Value is “MKT VAL” discussed above.

If the stock pays a dividend, the Dividend Yield, or value of the latest dividend as a percentage of the stock’s current price, is shown last.  Given the early stage, high growth nature of cannabis companies, most will not pay a dividend.

To the right of this information is a chart of the company’s stock price.  You can zoom in and out of different time periods, like 1 month, 6 months, year-to-date, by clicking on the buttons labeled 1m, 6m and YTD, etc., in the top-right corner of the chart.

You can also scroll through time by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom of the chart, under the dates.

Analyst Reports

With the stock page covered, I’ll now walk you through the analyst report.

These reports have four main sections.  In the Overview, we describe the company, its history and strategy.  In the NICI Quick Take, we give our general thoughts about the company, highlight what we like and call out what we don’t.  In the Financials, we summarize the company’s revenues, earnings, and anything else that is relevant, and include some points that we are going to keep our eye on in the “Things to Watch For:” section.

Much of the data contained on this page is reflected on the other pages we have covered, so I won’t walk you through them again.  However, I do want to call out the detailed shares analysis section below the chart to the right of the page.  These are the numbers that we use to calculate Equity Market Value.  Rather than relying on the misleading numbers reported on typical financial news sites, we comb through a companies financial reports and press releases to get the most accurate picture of how much stock the company has issued or is obligated to issue.

Shares Outstanding, just below Average Volume, is the amount of stock issued by the company.  This stock is issued to raise capital, pay for an acquisition, compensate high-value employees or, sometimes, pay for services.

Companies also obligate themselves to issue stock in the future through financial instruments called options, warrants and convertible debt.  The way these work is that if the stock rises above a certain price, holders of these instruments can pay the lower, fixed price and receive more valuable stock.  This we show in “Options & Warrants” row and can generally be thought of as stock that the company will likely issue in the future – particularly given how high the stock prices of many cannabis companies are expected to rise.

We total the Shares Outstanding and Options & Warrants counts as Diluted Shares Outstanding.  We call it diluted because when these shares are eventually issued, the companies earnings will be spread, or “diluted” across more shares.

Multiplying the Diluted Shares Outstanding by the current stock price gives the company’s Equity Market Value.  This is the total value implied for the company given its current stock price and is can be much higher than many investors realize.

Spending time using with the NICILytics database as a Lifetime member is one major way you can join the most well-prepared cannabis investors in the world. And though we give our paid members all the picks we believe they need to make life-changing gains, we want you to have the tools in place to dig deeper on your own and become more educated on the trades if you so choose.

Thanks for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S.: Here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we’ll do almost anything to put you on the path to becoming a millionaire. That’s why we built The Institute… because this is like nothing we’ve ever seen. One of the most respected business magazines in Canada has already found 77 different people who have made $1 million or more from cannabis in the last few months. And these are ordinary people from every walk of life, they’re not hedge fund investors or fancy venture capitalists. This is your chance to live a life of total financial freedom. If you were ever going to swing for the fences and take your shot at becoming a millionaire, this is the time to do it. So don’t wait. Click here and let’s get started.


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