This year’s impressive achievements for the cannabis industry will pale in comparison to what is coming. Part of what’s fueling our optimistic view is not what’s on the books, but what’s on deck at the state and federal level.

The last 11 months and change has been extraordinarily busy for cannabis from a policy and politics standpoint. And we’ve worked diligently here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors not just to tell you what was happening, but why it mattered to investors throughout 2018.

Without a doubt, 2018 was a historic year for cannabis. So far this year, we have seen the nationwide end of cannabis prohibition in Canada, the beginning of legal recreational cannabis sales in California, the first-ever USDA approval of a cannabis-derived drug (Epidiolex), the passage of cannabis referenda in three states, and a number of other nations adopting pro-cannabis legislation.

What’s much more important than recapping these advances at length is looking forward at 2019, which is going to be an even bigger for marijuana stocks. That’s right, this year’s achievements will pale in comparison to what is coming.

I know it’s a bold statement, and I get into it all in a monthly Investment Package we prepare exclusively for our Cannabis Investor’s Report members.

Part of what’s fueling our optimistic view of 2019’s prospects is not what’s here, but what’s coming. And I’m talking specifically about the 10 or 12 most populated states. Michigan, whose voters have already passed recreational cannabis at the ballot box, will be ready to start selling in shops within months. New Jersey‘s legislature is one, quick step away from doing the same for its residents.

Both dwarf some of the markets already generating millions of dollars for cannabis businesses (and tax coffers). Yet another state will be right behind them, bringing more customers to the table than these two states combined.

And that’s not even getting into what’s coming at the federal level. The most cannabis-friendly Congress in U.S. history is about to be seated, and it’s happening at a time when at least 70 cannabis reform bills are already written. Many of these are bipartisan efforts and have already reached committee levels.

I’ll tell you where the legislative logjam is about to break and create a multitude of private sector opportunities for the best publicly traded cannabis companies.

I get into all of that in the December Investment Package.

I also recap what’s going on with my latest cannabis stock trade recommendation. It’s about to become one of the top five players in the entire U.S. cannabis market, yet few are talking about it.

There’s also some explanation about how the Institute‘s proprietary industry-tracking indices (the NICI 50 Index, the NICI U.S. Index, and the NICI Wellness Index) came to be, how they work, and what company in our stock portfolio had the biggest impact on the numbers over the last two quarters.

To learn more about these important trends and others that will shape the industry – and your cannabis stock portfolio – in 2019, members can download the report here from our webpage. If you’re not a Cannabis Investor’s Report member, click here to find out more about everything you could be getting.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday season, but keep a close eye on what happens after the ball drops on December 31. After all, no industry moves as fast as cannabis.

Thanks for being an important member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


4 responses to “This Is Why 2019 Will Soar Past 2018’s Impressive Cannabis Gains”

  1. Approximate Farm Bill vote date?

    Banks accepting cash from Marijuana companies?

    States Act vote date?

    Thanks, Brian FL

  2. Your recommendations have proven fruitful!
    Buying increaments is recommended!!

    2019 should be a year to remember!

    The 2018 Farm Act is poised to pass before the end of the year which legalizes hemp federally and is more positive news & momentum for the cannabis industry!!!

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