With 2019 right around the corner, three key themes stand out far beyond any other topics that will shape the business end of the marijuana industry. That includes perhaps the most shocking emerging target demographic for cannabis to date.

My National Institute for Cannabis Investors team and I are still out here in Las Vegas at MJBizCon.

If you matter in the cannabis business, you or at least one of your most trusted colleagues were here at some point this past week. Again, this is the largest cannabis conference in the world.

This event, put on by the folks behind Marijuana Business Daily, is more than twice as big as last year and eight times larger than four years ago. I’m looking over the exhibit floor now – there are more than 1,000 exhibitors set up across four acres worth of space.

That’s only expected to expand next year.

The optimism definitely got a boost from the most recent departure from the Trump Administration. There’s lots of back-slapping at the “resignation” of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the single biggest obstacle to legal cannabis in the United States.

Suffice it to say, the mood here is upbeat. Never before has this industry, one that has clearly matured over this last year, been more focused on opportunity without significant concern about a federal government crackdown.

In this new landscape, there are three key themes that stand out far beyond any other topics. That includes perhaps the most shocking emerging target demographic for cannabis to date.

Take a look at this…

Eat or Be Eaten

The upbeat mood here might be due in large part to so many participants getting rich. And I’m not talking about an increase in sales revenues or even success of their personal investments. I’m talking about people selling their companies.

Merger and acquisition activity is exploding.

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Although panelists give whatever speech their PR departments and legal eagles crafted for them, the real talk offstage revolved around mergers and acquisitions. It was the top thing on virtually everyone’s mind.

The U.S. cannabis industry is quickly consolidating into multistate players. Companies without expansion strategy or plans to sell to a larger outfit have become major outlier here.

The second big theme coming out of Las Vegas is something I’ve been preaching for as long as I’ve been analyzing the cannabis industry…

Brands Will Rule the Day

Everyone has got the message – finally – about the importance of branding. When we started to build the Institute, investors and even many executives were still focused on capacity or licenses.

Today, all anyone will talk about is the importance of building real, sustainable brands that consumers will trust at a fair price.

People like to know what to expect in quality and consistency. Having a strong brand name goes a long way to accomplishing that.

If that sounds like the same thing you might hear from an alcoholic beverage company or any other consumer packaged goods company, it should. Part of the industry’s “growing up” involved realizing that cannabis is not going to be sold differently from other products in the United States and worldwide just because it was illegal for so long.

Finally, there is a new favorite consumer for companies to talk about that few would have expected

The Hot Alternative to That Glass of Chardonnay

In prior years, companies liked to talk about medical patients, pointing out that the largest growth in new cannabis users was among the elderly seeking to alleviate various symptoms. That’s still a vital market, and a lot of companies are designing their brands around that consumer.

The real buzz right now, however, is about companies that sell THC- and CBD-based products to “the soccer mom.”

The soccer mom typifies the consumer who might have tried cannabis in college but never took it up as part of her lifestyle. This was in large part because illicit products were once too potent and, of course, inconsistent in quality.

Data show the soccer mom demographic is increasingly seeking low-to-medium strength THC products, along with those packing a larger dose of non-psychoactive CBD. It’s akin to having a glass of wine before bed, with dinner, or during happy hour.

It’s not about getting high, it’s about taking the edge off.

This market’s potential can’t be ignored. After all, Constellation Brands – which owns Robert Mondavi wines – didn’t spend $3.8 billion to get into the cannabis business in August just to sell things to twenty-something concert-goers.

It’s been a great week at MJBizCon. It certainly didn’t hurt hearing our Institute getting such a positive reception from nearly every company we talked to. These folks said they’ve had been hoping for someone to separate the good companies from those without realistic plans or, worse, the cheats.

I’ll have much more to share with you when I return from the conference next week. I confident that it will help any cannabis investor better understand how truly massive the growth of this industry is right now and is set up to be heading into 2019.

Thanks for being an important part of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors,

Greg Miller
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Just became a new member a few days ago…very exciting developments in the cannabis industry. Cant wait to get in! I’m a carpenter in SD where it’s still illegal. The aritcal today hit the nail on the head, the soccer mom & taking the edge off. My issue is $. Going to throw every resourse I have at this. Question: should I spend $ on elite membership or get invested first. I think I know the answer, can you help?

  2. Just became a member today, where do I gonto find a free brokerage website so I can start investing? Anyone? Thanks,

  3. Dear Sir
    I am excited but at the same time causous about 2019 and the money I plan to use to “be all in” as Boener has mentioned. If this is a to good to be true endeavor I guess I’m seeing more positives in place to be to not participate!
    Good luck to all that want to better their financial position but more importantly help those wanting various medical relief.

  4. I’ll turn 70 years old in 2019, was exposed to cannabis in the early 1970’s as my father was in the 1940’s. During my growing up years modest alcohol was the peer choice for cutting the edge down and socializing. Now my family members and I are experiencing the senior health issue’s that effect us all. I am keenly interested in the health benefits of CBD as well as the stock investment opportunities to keep my financial’s in good health. I recently asked my name brand financial adviser about cannabis stock and got a deer in headlights look and no information. I have been searching for an authority on both these subjects and appears that I have found it in the NICI. I joined as an elite member and have digested your web site information for hours which has fed my mind with the education I have been searching for. I have been an entrepreneur in commercial and development real estate all my life living in the mountains where East Tennessee And Southwest Virginia meet. Danial Boone was a famous pioneer here that killed a bare in these parts. Tobacco farmers for year raised tobacco for lifetimes only to be ran out of business with regulatory changes. They still exist as do there farms and experience. Bristol TN just won a CBD license from the State of Virginia, one of 11 that have been approved. Converting a dark retail mall to a grow farm with R & D are there plans. Our region is about to experience what you are writing about and what Cannabis businesses seek to create. I look forward to the future writings shared on your web site and investment advise. Thank You Very Much for establishing the NICI and developing this line of education and support. My mind is now working with idea’s and opportunities as an entrepreneur.

  5. I am excited to invest based on NICI RECOMMENDATIONS, while i am on the go which was made possible by receiving ur insights thru email wherever I am at in the world. Looking forward to this possibility. Thank you. With the other plans you have to offer, I can guarantee that once I already have the means thru my profits, that I will avail them for sure. Thank you!

  6. Just became a member. I’m a bit skeptical , talk is cheap ! As a New Yorker don’t baffle me with bullshit dazzle me with brilliance

  7. I just became a member and thou i don’t have lots of money to throw at it because of my retirement I’m able to spend 1 or 2 hundred a month on something like this. And i think i’m glad i chose this sight because it gives you all of the history of the companies and possible mergers and you can kind of get a feel for were the company wants to go.

  8. Joined 1/13. I like to learn as much as I can about any product that I plan to invest in. I have been using CBD tincture
    for chronic back pain as I had Lumbar fusion surgery which offered some but not major relief. It works and further research will offer better products. I
    also help others with pain and other medical conditions. I hope to learn more with NICI and earn some profits toward as I am sixty two and don’t know how much longer I can work FT. CBD will help millions of sufferers and I am grateful to be a part of this movement!

  9. I have had joint replacement surgery’s and was taken off hydrocodone im now taking cbd oil drops and getting along well. im all in on this opportunity hoping to help with retirement costs so get on the band wagon its on the move.

  10. I have been a member for a bit over 2 months and your site is informative and has helped me in my investing. Cannabis is here to stay and with recreational and medical benefits, will be a winner so keep up the great work!

  11. I’m very excited to be “all in on cannabis”. I recently joined NICI in hopes of gaining knowledge for my investing. Here goes….

  12. Just recently become an elite member. Looking forward to discussions and contributions on this site. I have been using CBD oil for joint pain and it works for me.

  13. I have Neurapathy in all hands and feet from agent orange. As Vietnam Veteran I just have started taking CBD. The Pain and miserable aches everyday which I had, now is gone..!

  14. I joined NICI in Oct. and the insider IPOs several days ago. I have invested in 4 stocks and so far so good. I was wondering if any more IPOs were coming this month?

  15. Sorry that the NICI was not around when I was learning the stock market (self taught) in Jan 2014. Major back surgery (learned how to walk one step at a time) required after returning home from tossing a suitcase upon a bed while on a cruise to Barcelona Opened a Schwab account and the rest was history – sold all my stocks in April this year (except 40K) to be used as fun money – paid all cash – no mortgage – retirement home in S.C. Guess what – have been investing in Cannabis stock since, using my Schwab account’s stock search – Cramer has been my mentor, now enjoying your Newsletter to go along with continuous upcoming news releases. PS – still have a few more homes to sell -l what a life – retired VET – first tour of duty Saigon Vietnam – Never smoked dope but I am sure Cannabis will soon be part of my wine drinking – KEEP THE INSIDER COMING!!!!

  16. Hi
    I joined American Cannabis Investors Society. I am excited but I can not throw out a lot of money to join the Cannabis IPO insider. I looked at my dashboard read the resources joined TD Ameritrade and Robinhood. I bought 10 shares of one of your recommendations. It’s not much but I will invest more. I am looking over another.

  17. If a stock originated in Canada and is also on the American exchange,is there an advantage to buy from one exchange over the other?

  18. I just signed up with NICI today and looking over the comments here, I felt that I may be able to answer some of your concerns. NICI is an informational program only. They do not invest for you but can make recommendations on where to invest and whose stocks are going up and down etc. How much you choose to invest is your perogative. Hope this info helps and Happy investing everyone!

  19. Although it’s common knowledge among us medical growers that cannabis oil, following Rick Simpson’s directions, kills cancer, the rest of the world hasn’t caught up. We need the feds to drop the schedule 1 rating so we can get some serious research done. Chemo and radiation are very hard on cancer patients. RSO,(Rick Simpson Oil) is very effective on most types of cancer and the downside is you get high. I have personally helped over 100 cancer patients in the last six years. I really enjoy doing miracles and want the whole world to have this knowledge. I’m inpatient to invest in a company doing the research.

  20. wanting to retire soon hope this will help me to be able to do that soon my mom told me to save when i was young but didnt hope you can help cause i have very little money

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